It may not be rainy season but someone needs to tell that to Florida! High heat in the morning coupled with afternoon showers is making our humidity levels sky rocket. There are some cost-effective, simple means of lowering the humidity in your home if you don’t feel like investing in a portable or whole-home dehumidifier.

1. Binchō-tan or “white charcoal” is well known for its water-purifying qualities. This charcoal originated in the Edo period by carbonizing ubame oak and finishing it at incredibly high temperatures. The charcoal is hardened to a scorching 1000°C. The hardened charcoal make it very affective in absorbing humidity and odors. This is particularly useful for small spaces such as a single room or small apartment.

It can be found in local Japanese or Korean specialty cookware shops or online: Rikumo, Amazon, Open Sky, Muhs Home.

2. Consider taking your houseplants outside for the sunshine. Houseplants can create a lot of moisture and humidity in your home from Transpiration (remember that from Science class?). Transpiration is when water evaporates into the atmosphere from the leaves and stems of plants. If you have a lot of natural green in your home, this means that all that moisture is gathering up in your home. Take the plants our and let them soak in the sun or rain for the afternoon.

3. Ventilate your home while you shower and while you cook. Flip those switches and improve the air circulation in your house. Don’t be afraid to leave them on a little longer if need be. If you don’t have a vent you can crack a window for a few minutes.

High levels of indoor humidity can exacerbate health concerns, lead to mold and fungi, and may even damage certain household amenities. Avoid the hassle of an indoor humidity problem and take these steps to ensure a comfortable home.