You may be surprised to find the history of air conditioning is more riveting than you think. No, we’re not blowing hot air (and we hope your unit isn’t either). From mammoth Chinese inventions to blockbuster hits, AC has made its mark on history through a number of intriguing roles.

1. The phrase “Air Conditioning” was created in 1906 by a textile manufacturer in North Carolina.
Stuart Cramer coined the phrase as a way to describe the effect the system had in heightening the quality of the cloth produced in his plant.

2. Ever wondered where the term “Summer Blockbuster” came from?
Movie theaters were one of the first public places to have air conditioning, so they would release major films during the summer season because it drew in movie-goers as an exciting reprieve from the summer heat.

3. Air Conditioning played a contributing role in medical advancement.
Air conditioning was used to provide the cool environment necessary to create and test certain medications. It also improves our own health right at home by filtering allergens and decreasing the spread of diseases common in warm climates like Florida.

4. Although Willis Carrier is known as the father of modern day Air Conditioning, fans and other cooling systems are a very old invention.
In 180 AD, a Chinese artisan created a 10-foot wide rotary fan with 7 connected wheels that was able to cool off an entire hall with the turn a crank.

5. Air Conditioning was once an expensive luxury.
We take for granted how affordable a simple cooling unit can be, but it wasn’t always this way. A simple window unit in the 1940’s cost around $350. Today that would translate to nearly $3,500!

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