Even Florida can feel the nip of a cold winter season, especially during the months of December and January. Cold nights will settle in, seeping into your home until you finally decide to turn on the heat. Why not prepare yourself now by taking the first steps toward saving on your heating bill? Bruno Air has put together 5 energy saving tips that will boost your piggy bank over the holidays.

Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

Step One: Schedule a Maintenance Call
If it’s been awhile since your air conditioning or HVAC system has had a tune-up, pick up the phone and schedule one now. Just like your car, your AC unit needs regular maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. Otherwise, you’ll lose efficiency and wear out parts. Push your system too far on less than par equipment and you may end up with a large repair on your hands. A skilled HVAC technician will clean your system for you and make sure you’re getting the most out of your air conditioning.

Step Two: Change Your Air Filter
A dirty filter prevents air flow and will make your heating system run longer and harder to maintain your ideal environment. Change them regularly to keep the air flowing and your system running well. We recommend you change your filter every one to three months, depending on your level of system use, the amount of dust and debris in your home, and whether or not you own pets. If you’re not sure how frequently you should change your filter, check it every month. If it’s dirty, replace it immediately.

Step Three: Use a Programmable Thermostat
A programmable thermostat has more automated features than a manual thermostat that you have to adjust by hand. You may be amazed at how advanced these systems can be! The advantage of programmable thermostats is that you can automatically set them to adjust the temperature in your home at certain times. More control over your home environment makes it easier to control your power bill.

Step Four: Have your ductwork inspected
Studies have shown that as much as 20 percent of the air that passes through a home’s air ducts is lost to leaks. You can imagine how much harder your system has to work in order to make up for that loss! Bruno Air can provide a diagnostics test on your ductwork that checks for air leaks and then take the necessary actions to help you prevent them.

Step Five: Use the gift of natural heat
During the winter months, the sun is lower. If you open the blinds on your south facing windows, the setting sunlight will spill into your rooms, warming them up a bit. This is a great, green tip, and it even doesn’t cost a dime!

So why not get a little more out of Christmas? Give Bruno Air a call at 239-908-4704 to start maximizing your HVAC system or AC unit so you can save more, even after the holidays are over! We service residents all over Florida, including Bonita Springs, Naples, Fort Myers, Kissimmee, Orlando, and Tampa!