Myths are, in essence, a widely held but false belief or idea. Bruno Air is busting air conditioning myths wide open with the truth. Don’t be led by misinformation. Understand how your unit operates and maintain consistent performances, improved air quality, and high energy efficiency.

Closing vents in unused rooms will boost energy efficiency.

False! Closing your air vent will only cool the inside of your air vents, doing nothing to improve the energy efficiency in your home. If you would like to boost the efficiency in your home and improve your unit, Bruno Air suggests that you consider investing in an Energy Star certified unit. Maximize you air conditioner and save money and energy.

Turning off my air conditioner when I’m gone will save energy.

Not quite! Turning off your air conditioner while your away depends on how long you will be away. If it’s just for the day or the weekend, turn up your thermostat ten degrees to save energy without wasting it with the effort of restarting your AC every night when you come home. You can save even more energy by installing a smart, programmable thermostat. Control your temperature and set it to your schedule for incredible energy savings.

If I keep my windows and doors closed, no cool air can escape.

In a perfect world this would be a kind truth. However, there are plenty of nooks and crannies where cool air can escape. Ensure your air conditioner is performing to its maximum capacity by calling Bruno Air for an air duct sealing. We are proud to offer Florida Aeroseal, the most effective name in air duct sealing. Aeroseal fills the holes and cracks within your air duct from the inside out. Easy, affordable, and incredibly effective.

If I leave the ceiling fan on, it will cool my empty room.

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans and standing fans don’t actually lower the temperature in the room. The fan mixes the stagnant air in the room, cooling you down in the process.

Purchasing an energy efficient, Energy Star, air conditioning unit will save money on utility bills.

This is both true and false, depending on the most important aspect of Energy Star certified units. The unit most be appropriately sized to fit your home. Contact us to ensure that your home’s unit is appropriately sized so it can perform properly and cool your home while saving you energy.