Most of us are always looking for a way to save a buck or two. Recent studies have shown that an average of 6% of our monthly energy bill is directly contributed to cooling the space within our home.

In hot climate states such as Florida, this percentage could likely be higher. Yet there are simple, everyday ways to whittle down that percentage without spending a dime. Bruno Air offers five easy habits they can form to reduce your energy bill.

Creating Natural Ventilation

Now that summer has passed us by, Florida is experiencing cooler days and refreshing breezes. On days like these, current residents can use nature’s reprieve to their advantage. How? By simply opening their windows.

Natural ventilation can bring fresh air into the home and also help regulate the temperature within your home. If you open windows on two sides of the home that correlate with the wind’s direction, you can create a cross-breeze.

How does this work? The wind disperses the heat our body gives off, cooling us down without having to turn down the thermostat.

Use Fans to Reduce Your Energy Bill

But what about those less-than-breezy days? This is the Sunshine State, after all. Coupling ceiling fans with your AC Unit can create an indoor breeze that can achieve our desired indoor climate without working our air conditioner so hard. Ceiling fans use 3% the energy that AC units do, and allow you to raise your thermostat up 6 to 8 degrees without sacrificing your comfort level. That’s a pretty big impact!

Avoid Using Indoor Appliances on Hot Days

In-home appliances produce heat when they’re active. Reorganizing everyday tasks and chores can go a long way in regulating your home’s temperature. On hot days, cook outside on the grill instead of in the oven, and avoid doing laundry during the heat of the day. If you have to cook indoors, use the fan inside your kitchen to reduce the heat and humidity you create.

Use Your Bathroom Fan

Just like in the kitchen, the fan in your bathroom can be really useful in reducing heat. Humidity plays a huge role in making us feel hot and muggy. Running your bathroom fan when taking a shower can help keep the room cool by reducing the humidity caused by the steam rising from your hot water.

Use Energy Efficient Drapes

Drapes were created for more than keeping out the sun and peeping eyes. Covering your windows can prevent solar energy from seeping in and warming up your home. If you don’t want to sacrifice your natural lighting for a cooler indoor environment, there’s a way around that, too! You can buy energy efficient drapes that are specially crafted to let natural light in while keeping solar energy out.

A Collaborative Effort

While just one or two of these habits can make a difference, combining them together will achieve the best results for you and your utility bill. Try making these simple actions everyday habits. If you still feel your energy bill is high, it may be time to invest in an energy saving air conditioning unit. High-efficiency air conditioners can reduce your bill by as much as 20 to 50 percent!

If you have questions about keeping your home cool or saving money, simply give one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives a call at 239-908-4704!