6 Steps to Clean Air in 2016

Bring home clean air in 2016! It’s a New Year, make the most of it with a fresh look and fresh, clean breath. Indoor air quality has become an important concern for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). American homes use almost 25% of the energy consumed in the United States. According to the EPA, most people spend roughly 90% of their lives indoor.

These statistics are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. We find ourselves indoors more often than not and the air quality of our buildings need to be clean and clear. Cracks and holes in your air ducts post health concerns as well as contribute to wasted energy. The best way to improve your indoor air quality is professional duct cleaning.

Bruno Air Conditioning is a certified provider of Aeroseal, an innovative duct sealing technology. From patented technology, developed by the Indoor Environment Program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Aeroseal has been tested to successfully seal duct cracks and holes from the inside. Aeroseal is seeking to cut your losses with a 4-8 hour process that seals from the inside in a 6-step process.

Step 1

Wall registers are covered in order for air to escape only through the leaks

Step 2

Sealant is injected into the ducts for approximately 1 hour

Step 3

Small aerosol particles are kept suspended in the airflow by continuous air movement

Step 4

As the air stream makes a sharp turn to exit through a leak, the particles collide with and adhere to the leak edges

Step 5

Ducts are sealed with only 1-2 oz. of the sealant material remaining in the ducts

Step 6

A computer-generated analysis summarizing your home’s or building’s amount of leakage is generated, providing verification of success of the process

Clean, safe, and easy! Aeroseal and Bruno Air Conditioning is providing the clean air to home and offices across southwest Florida. Bruno Air technicians have the most advanced duct sealing technology at their fingertips and now they’re installing it in your home. This advanced software can provide diagnostic analysis of your ducts and pinpoint your losses, sealing them up fast!

Contact Bruno Air Conditioning for a duct sealing that will start your 2016 off fresh. Have a safe and Happy New Year from our family to yours!