Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency: Why it’s Critical To Service Your HVAC System


From our experience HVAC systems are very versatile items. They can go for long without any form of servicing or maintenance. However, it’s essential to keep the repair dates in mind. A neglected HVAC system can lead to numerous problems and poor energy efficiency. The challenge usually is that they function so well for so long that it’s easy to forget that they need timed check-ups- we call it out of sight out of mind. Most central air conditioning systems can do with minimal check-ups every few months followed by a major maintenance annually. Due to their structure, they are capable of accumulating lots of dust and particles which eventually impair their functioning and lead to symptoms like: ac system taking a long time to cool, air flow balancing issues, and high energy bills.


  1. Energy Savings. Data from the U.S. Department of Energy shows that 25-40% of energy in HVACs is wasted. Even though the system has filtered it still gets dirty when it’s filtering the air during regular use. When this dirt and dust accumulate for long, they shorten the life span and its overall efficiency. A dirty HVAC system that’s not regularly checked up eventually racks up greater bills. That’s because it has to work harder to maintain the temperature that you desire. That’s why the maintenance ensures that it relies on least energy to produce the optimal heating and cooling services.
  2. Better Indoor Air Quality. A typical house has sprays, colognes, paints, potted flowers and lots of other times that decrease the quality of indoor air. Even then it’s not enough to install a HVAC. When the system goes unmaintained for long, it loses its ability to improve the indoor air quality. When the contaminants are allowed to accumulate in the system, the system then begins to blow them back into the building. Overall the system loses its ability to clean the air. That’s why timed maintenance enables you to clean and remove all dirt and dust and make sure the system is clean and efficient.
  3.  Early Repairs and Replacement. It’s possible for systems to spoil within the HVAC without your knowledge. If this is discovered early then, it might save you money regarding repairs or replacement. However, HVACs that aren’t maintained can become too broken by the time the damage is discovered. This could result in costly maintenance or even total replacement. Regular check-ups also reduce the overall need to seasonal repairs as it helps point out potential hazards before they occur.
  4. Increased Lifespan. A properly kept cooling and heating system should last at least 10-15 years. However, maintenance can ensure that it gives you another five years of service before it has to be replaced. Therefore a regular ac maintenance can help the air conditioner parts and components last up to 20 years. A poorly maintained unit can cop out after 3 to five years and require costly air conditioner repair, ac thermostat failure, air filter clogging and poor indoor air quality. This is critical particular for moving parts and fragile points in the HVAC system.

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