What is an air conditioner? It may be a bulky box on the side of your house but its much more than that. Most don’t know what’s involved in with the inner-workings, what can go wrong, and how to get the most out of your HVAC unit. Bruno Air Conditioning is here to demystify your air conditioner to give you a better understanding of its machinery, your options, and our services.

To start, what is an air conditioner. Simply put, an air conditioner maintains humidity and provides cool air, or heat, to a building. The History of Air Conditioners is interesting and goes back farther than you would expect. The “father of air conditioning” can be credited to Willis Carrier, yet the first definition was created by G.B. Wilson in 1908. Air conditioner have numerous functions and can perform the following services, according to ASHRAE.org.

  • Maintain suitable humidity in all parts of a building
  • Free the air from excessive humidity during certain seasons
  • Supply a constant and adequate supply of ventilation
  • Efficiently remove from the air micro-organisms, dust, soot, and other foreign bodies
  • Efficiently cool room air during certain seasons
  • Heat or help heat the rooms in winter
  • An apparatus that is not cost-prohibitive in purchase or maintenance

Now, how does your air conditioner actually work. We’re not saying that you have to do all of your maintenance, but knowing the basic ins and outs of your air conditioner can make a difference. The basic principle of your air conditioner is to push heat out of your home and, in turn, cool your home. Your air conditioner will fill your home with cool air by pushing out the heat with cool air.

What can go wrong? Well, like any equipment, your air conditioner needs to be regularly maintained and cleaned. Change your filters in coherence with the manual, check for leaks, and ensure that your air conditioner is free from debris. Your air conditioner is one of your most important assets this summer, take care of it and it will take care of you.

As always, Bruno Air Conditioning is available to answer all of your questions. Some issues should be handled with an experienced, professional touch! Call us today and schedule an appointment!