Residential Air Conditioning

Repair & Services

Bruno Air is your local residential air conditioning repair team! Our customer-focused approach, as well as hands-on training, are just a few characteristics that set us apart from the competition. We carry the most trusted brands in the business; long-lasting, reliable, and affordable; and also are the only company in the customization business.

Our Bruno Certified technicians are trained to begin each visit with a thorough inspection, evaluation of the required work, and its projected cost. Bruno is committed to fixing any machine that is cost-effective to repair, and we only recommend a replacement when there is no other economical option. If your residential air conditioning system requires more extensive repairs than we originally estimated, we will keep you completely informed and seek your approval again before continuing work.

Did you know that 88% of air conditioning breakdowns could have been avoided with regular maintenance? Maintained systems can prevent any issues

While our work focuses on preventing repairs, if your air conditioning needs to be fixed immediately, we offer 24/7 emergency services. We are dedicated to ensuring that your equipment is up and running efficiently and effectively.


With our skilled technicians and excellent customer service, you can rely on Bruno Air Conditioning for all of your air conditioning needs.

Call Bruno Air today to discuss repair needs, financing, estimates, or enquire about our superior products today.