Senior male reaching up to open filter holder for air conditioning filter in ceilingSneezing? Watery Eyes? Itchy Throat? Unfortunately, Florida, pollen season has arrived and it’s time to allergy-proof your home! Did you know that pollen travels with the wind and can collect on your body and car? It can even travel in your home, and stick in unwanted spaces. Old air filters, an unmaintained unit and duct work play a role in severe allergies. We suggest taking the following steps in order to keep the sneezing to a minimum!





Your air filter helps block the pollen from traveling into your home and prevents circulation into your duct work. HEPA filters (high-efficiency particulate air) are made with glass fibers which trap more than the average amount of pollen, dust, and debris. If you use a standard filter look for models that capture these particles.


Duct Cleaning:

Pollen, dust, and other debris can accumulate throughout your duct system. Our certified professionals will inspect and clean every section of your system to ensure no area is left uncleaned. The EPA recommends that air ducts be cleaned on an as-needed basis to prevent mold, pollen, infestation, and/or debris.


Clean, Clean, Clean:

Microfiber clothes typically are the best to clean your in-home surfaces. These clothes tend to absorb all dust and particles easier which prevents you from spreading and transferring them to other surfaces. If you have pets in your home, it may be best to bathe them more frequently as pet hair and dandruff are a common allergy trigger.


Don’t let the pollen bring you down!

Although you can change an air filter, and keep your home clean, it’s best to let a professional check on your ac unit and look at your duct work. Call Bruno today to schedule your appointment and we will send out one of our certified technicians to see the job gets done!