Trane is a leader in HVAC manufacturing in Florida. The company is dedicated to responsible sustainability in the air conditioning industry as well as other sectors of the business world. “Growth Through Innovation” is the company’s state of mind and they have extended this idea through their High Performance Buildings. So what are High Performance Buildings and are they the future of construction?

What are High Performance Buildings?

Trane defines them as “buildings that contribute measurable, year-over-year benefits for building owners based on the building purpose, business metrics (set by the owner), and the responsible use of resources including energy, water, air and human capital consistent with, or exceeding, industry standards and certification”.

What is the goal of High Performance Buildings?

Trane is dedicated to sustainable design, implementing responsible construction for maintenance best practices. High performance buildings are built specifically for energy and water efficiency without sacrificing comfort. Beginning with the blueprint, Trane assesses the building from all angles to ensure its sustainable, efficient, and safe construction.

According to Trane there are four areas of balance for sustainable environmental impact:

  • Use of materials
  • Reducing outputs
  • Proper waste handling
  • Managing, documenting and communicating environmental compliance

In order to effectively conquer these four areas, Trane is putting its focus on Resource Management, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, and Operational sustainability. The efficient use of resources improves and produces positive environmental and economic outcomes. Every aspect of the building is carefully considered for energy conservation. The building must be functional for employees as well as environmentally sound. The balance can be difficult to find which is why Trane is dedicated to the research and planning that is involved with High Performance Buildings.

Energy conservation for your HVAC system is just the beginning of a sustainable life. Bruno Air Conditioning is committed to the innovations in companies like Trane and we are proud to offer their Energy Star products. How can energy conservation help your home or business? Contact us today and discover what we have to offer.