As one of the premier teams in Air conditioning HVAC home commercial business repair installation in Bonita Springs, Florida, we have advised thousands of clients on what to look for in a good

conditioning system. Experience shows that most people will get dissatisfied with their heating and cooling system within months of buying them. Primarily that is because they never invested enough time in trying to understand it before buying it. The following is a list of the primary feature present in a standard HAVC.

  1. The design of Ductwork & Refrigerant. Make sure the ducts are properly sized and balanced. The externally insulated round ducts or ripping tend to be the best. The long runs of flexible pipe tend to be the worst. The R-22 refrigerants were phased out in 2015. Those that are still in use are very expensive to maintain, and service. Make sure your HVAC system uses the ecologically friendly R-410A. A properly refrigerant will save you on costs.
  2. Balance dampers in the ductwork & Filter dryer. Adjusting the heating and cooling air coming into the house takes place at the diffuser grille. Make sure there is a considerable distance between the balance dampers and the diffusers. Also make sure they are adjusted by a qualified technician with proper tools and adjustments. Meanwhile, a functioning filter dryer can enable you to extend the life of a compressor by fixing it in an air-conditioner liquid line.

III. Location of the Indoor/Outdoor Units. Mounting your furnaces at the attic carries with it the risk of eventual leaking and damage to your ceiling. The best place to fix the indoor unit is closest to the floor level. They are much easier to service at that level. When it comes to the outdoor unit, the worst place is to fit them where they are an eyesore, or where the hum can be heard all day and night long like outside your bedroom window.

Efficiency & Air Filter Location. From the beginning of 2016, all new HVACs had to meet a minimum allowable efficacy rating of 13-SEER, right from 10-SEER in 2005. The working method is that the higher the SEER, the lower the utility bills you will incur. Meanwhile, air filter locations have to be easy to reach and locate in a HVAC system because filters are typically replaced every three to four months. They should also be easy to install and unmount from the heating and cooling system.

The Condenser (outside) Coil Type. The best coils that last for long are those made from the single metal material. For example, it should have a copper coil and copper fins or aluminium coils and aluminium fins. When you live in corrosive environments, it is advisable to get yourself coated coils to reduce the effect of rust.