The words “energy efficiency” get thrown around a lot in our largely green society. While we are not where we need to be, personally and professionally, we are all working towards creating a better environment for the future. On our path to sustainable responsibility, what’s forgotten is that sustainability, energy efficiency, and going green is cyclical. There’s a waterfall effect when you save in one area, no matter how small, you save in two or three others.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE) report “Multiple Benefits of Business-Sector Energy Efficiency, summarizes how businesses can go green and save by implementing energy efficient units, such as Energy Star air conditioners, and save elsewhere in their business.

“Businesses that implement energy efficiency improvements often enjoy other benefits besides utility bill savings.” The report says, “…Still, evidence suggests that including non-energy impacts can reduce the payback time of some energy efficiency improvements by 50% or better.”

Installing commercial, Energy Star HVAC systems can make the difference in your businesses energy bill, utility bill, and will even save you time and money in various other places. When you consider what a correctly installed, properly working unit actually does and everything it affects, it becomes more and more apparent what areas it will affect.

Air conditioning is no longer a want but a need, especially in Florida. Our days are getting hotter as spring nears and summer follows. Florida is blessed to have year-long gorgeous weather but that’s not to say it doesn’t have its disadvantages. Simply put, it’s hot. It gets really hot. Businesses cannot function without air conditioning, your employees can’t work if they’re too focused on their shirts sticking to their backs.

Bruno Air Conditioning is offering businesses and institutions energy efficient commercial units that will last them for years. Our technicians are experts in their fields and have the tools to properly install and maintain large units. Take a sustainable stance in 2015 and lead the way in environmental responsibility.