Commercial HVAC units are imperative for offices and the success of businesses. Particularly in Florida, the summer heat is inescapable. Without air conditioned offices, businesses would close their doors. *Note: And they used too! It wasn’t until the 1930s when air conditioning spread to department stores, rail cars, and officers.

Today, you wouldn’t be able to have summer office hours without air conditioning for your employees and customers. We’re immeasurable grateful for the convenience of HVAC units and should show that gratitude by properly maintaining your unit. We’ve spoken about the importance of maintaining your residential unit but don’t think your commercial unit doesn’t need maintenance as well! Offices that have not properly maintained their unit have a greater risk for potential health concerns.

Potential risks include but are not limited to respiratory infections, airborne bacteria, and asthma. Improve your business’s air quality and protect your employees. Commercial air conditioners need to be properly maintained for maximum performance. Bruno Air Conditioning has put together a small checklist to make sure all of your commercial air conditioning needs are met.



Your commercial air conditioning unit drives more than just cool air for your office, it improves your company’s overall performance. Ensure that you are ready for these hot summer months and contact us today to schedule an appointment.