Summer is here and it is a doozy! The days just keep getting hotter and hotter and as a result your air conditioner is working harder and harder. Are you getting the performance you want out of your air conditioner? If you find that you’re home just isn’t cooling the way it used to or your spending more and more time adjusting your thermostat and scratching your head, then it may time to take a look at your HVAC unit. Air conditioning systems can be tricky but a few helpful tips can help you purchase and keep a quality air conditioner for years. Bruno Air Conditioning has put together a list of the three biggest energy and money savers, no matter your make and model.

1. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

SEER is a measure of a system’s efficiency, the more efficient, the cheaper your system becomes. It also gives a helping hand to the environment since its focus is on energy efficiency and sustainable use. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 13 is the minimum SEER rating for air conditioning systems today. Comparatively though, a SEER rating of a 16 or so can save you hundreds of dollars annually.

2. Humidity

In Florida, we are no stranger to humidity and it’s not just limited to the great outdoors. Indoor humidity can make your home feel warm and uncomfortable. Choosing an air conditioning unit that controls humidity is a sound investment for your family. Modulated air conditioner also include humidity control.

3. Heat Pump

A heat pump is a great investment (and no, it doesn’t heat your home). A heat pump actually pulls hot air from inside your home and pushes it outside. Granted the opposite is also true but as Floridians, we don’t really need help heating our home, not even in the winter. A heat pump is available in three types depending on climate and environment.