Fix AC and DIY Helppp!

One big advantage to DIY projects is you keep more money in your pocket. Taking on small maintenance tasks now helps avoid larger problems.

What you can handle yourself

There are some basic chores you can do to ensure proper operation of your cooling system:

  • Change or clean your electrostatic air filter every month or per central air or heatpump manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Check thermostat and make sure it’s set at the most optimal seasonal setting
  • Lubricate moving parts for example blower motor, fan motor, shafts and belts
  • Remove debris, dirt, twigs, and leaves that may have fallen onto or into your outdoor condenser unit, heat pump, or packaged unit
  • Check plugs or blockages in the condensation drain, condensate drain pan, drainline
  • A monthly cleanliness check, especially during spring, late summer, and early fall will prevent heavy accumulations in filtration or evaporator coils
  • Clean the fan blades and coils of your cooling unit, but always make sure the power is off first
  • Check the base pan for any debris in the condenser
  • Clip any vegetation back at least two feet away from any outdoor units, condenser pads, or package units
  • In the winter, place a form-fitting cover over your outdoor unit to protect it from heavy snow and falling branches

Filter Changing!