Summer is upon us and that means more than the beach, fun, and sun; it means hurricanes. Hurricane Season officially starts June 1st. While you start making your preparations consider investing in a generator: a godsend when the electricity goes out. Generators can be found at stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. A generator can give you the relief your family needs and keep you cool and food fresh.

Like any other large device, there are some safety tips that you should be aware of before plugging in. Follow these generator safety tips:

  • Never use a generator in an enclosed space or indoors, and that includes garages
  • Plug devices directly into the generator
  • Keep flammable items away.
  • Never refuel inside the home
  • Do not use a generator in wet or damp areas
  • Check all electrical cords
  • Don’t operate more appliances and equipment than the output of the generator
  • Check the oil and fuel level before starting
  • Keep gas fresh

The most important safety tip is the first one; do NOT use a generator in an enclosed space or indoors as this can lead to possible carbon monoxide concerns. The Red Cross has suggestions, “It is a good idea to install battery-operated CO alarms or plug-in CO alarms with battery back-up in your home, according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. If CO gas from the generator enters your home and poses a health risk, the alarm will sound to warn you. Test the battery frequently and replace when needed.”