Your air conditioner works pretty hard, wouldn’t you say! This summer, staying cool is definitely a priority in this Florida heat. Why don’t we try something new this summer and give our air conditioners a break! Stay cool this summer with some of these tips!

Close Your Windows

What? We know, it sounds counterproductive, but on those really hot Florida days, more heat actually circulates through your house, especially with the lack of a breeze. Close those windows and rely on fans for air circulation. If you are all about open windows (we understand, there’s nothing quite like fresh air) opt to open your windows at night when the air is cooler. In the morning remember to shut your windows, keeping that cooler night air inside. Of course, make sure your windows are protected with screens. We love that fresh air, the bugs though? Not so much!

Become a fan of Fans!

Fans work harder than you realize! Ceiling fans are an amazing source of circulation in your home. Couple ceiling fans with stand-alone fans for a maximum breeze. Create your own cool breeze the easy way with an open window and one fan at the opposite end, creating a nice, powerful circulation of the natural night breeze and your reliable stand-alone fan.

Plant More Trees

If your home is in direct sunlight consider planting some trees to give your house some extra shade. Believe it or not, even direct sunlight affects your house, even through the roof and walls. Some extra shade through trees or even high bushes and shrubs can drastically cool down your home and even cut your energy bill!

Water is the Essence

Feeling uncomfortably hot? Take a swim! No really! The easiest and most effective way to cool your body is cold water. Your blood vessels are close to your skin, making you feel the cool relief faster! Drink lots of cool beverages and even add some of that summer relief to your meals! Consider eating “cool” foods such as salad and fruits. Save your home some heat and cease from using your stovetop or oven!

Turn Off Your Lights!

Fluorescent bulbs add to the heat of your home, particularly on a hot summer day. Cool down rooms and save energy by ensuring that your lights are turned off.


As always, use good judgment during excessively hot summer days. Air conditioning is the best way to cool your home! Stay safe this summer! Air conditioner on the fritz? Find some relief and contact us today!