What did we do before air conditioning was invented? It’s a relevant question, especially when you consider how intense the heat in some countries can be. Yet our ancestors weren’t as primitive in their efforts as you may think. On the contrary, they were rather proficient at finding ways to stay cool.
To combat the sweltering heat, they turned to nature. More specifically, the evaporation of water and how it managed to regulate an environment’s temperature.

Nature’s Natural Cooling System

The main ingredient to most cooling methods involved water. In India, individuals would soak grass mats and then hang them over openings within the home that faced the wind’s path. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet it was remarkably effective! The country’s low humidity caused the water to evaporate. The wind would then push the cool moisture into the house, decreasing the interior’s temperature up to 30 degrees!

Between the 16th and 19th centuries, India was ruled by the Mughals who made an ingenious addition to local architecture. They would channel water through the inside of their buildings and into gardens, taking advantage of the cooling effects of the water’s evaporation. These gardens were also found on the roof where they received all the benefits of photosynthesis while their soil cooled the structure from above. Talk about living green!

Ancient Insulation and Air Shafts

Ancient Egyptians used a building material called mud brick when constructing their houses. These bricks were made from straw and packed mud from the Nile River. One shaped, the bricks were set within the sun to dry. The end result was a building material with fantastic insulating properties.

Many Egyptian houses, both ancient and modern, also utilize an air shaft located within the center of the building. This provided ventilation that allows cool air flow to circulate through multiple rooms.

These methods may not be seen quite as often anymore, but they were just as much of a necessity as air conditioning is today. If you’re still weathering the heat, then it’s time to call in today’s experts in staying cool! Reach out to Bruno Air at 239-908-4704 to schedule an appointment.