How do you decide between a heat pump or an air conditioner? At first glance, they seem the same, so why are they called different names? Is one better than the other? It can be hard to decide without understanding how the two systems work. Let’s start by understanding what a heat pump is versus an air conditioning system, and then Bruno Air can help you decide which would work best for you.

Air Conditioner vs. Heat Pump

Don’t let the name fool you. A heat pump is actually a specialized type of air conditioner. Both systems use refrigerant to moderate indoor temperatures through heat exchange. Refrigerant becomes extremely hot when under pressure and icy cold when it expands.

That’s where the differences between the two systems comes into play. The expansion for an AC unit takes place strictly within the inside coils, creating a process of heat exchange that allows indoor air to become cold. With a pump heating system, the process is reversible so it can switch directions and take place indoors.

Comparing Energy Efficiency When Cooling

Most Florida residents are mostly concerned about the cooling function in an HVAC system. Seasonal energy efficiency ratings (SEER) for both systems can be extremely high depending on the model and brand you purchase. Air Conditioning units can reach levels of up to 21 while dual purpose heat pump systems can reach 20.5. Improvements are consistently taking place in equipment design, and the performance of either type of system is excellent for keeping your home cool during the hot summer months.

Heating Advantages of a Dual Use System

Occasionally, Florida dips into chilly temperatures that have you reaching for your thermostat to switch on the heater. A dual use pump heating system streamlines your HVAC equipment while ensuring that you have an efficient and affordable source of heat for those cool days. There are also dual fuel systems that combine the pump unit with a furnace to ensure optimum heating options throughout the winter. However, mild winters make electric heat an excellent choice for our area.

Professional HVAC Assistance

Before you make a decision between an air conditioning or heat pump system, be sure to contact an HVAC professional. He or she will take measurements in your home so that a load calculation can be completed. This information is important because it will ensure that the system you select is properly sized for your home’s needs.

Keep in mind that a professional can bring unique choices to your attention based on current tax incentives, utility rebates and manufacturer promotions. Your Bonita Springs, FL home’s needs are unique, and we are pleased to offer customized solutions accordingly.