Bless you! Gesundheit!

The holiday cheer is here but some of our allergies have us decorating the tree in less than festive ways. If you’re spreading more than holiday cheer from endless sneezing, it may not be your Christmas tree that’s setting off your allergies, it may be your indoor air quality.

Find your filtration solution for clean, efficient indoor air quality!

Let’s start simply! Your indoor air quality can be drastically improves with the right air conditioner filter. Residential filters range in efficiency ratings, and selecting a higher MERV rating will result in more thorough removal of particulates from your airstream. Look for filters with MERV ratings of 9 to 12 for best results.

Schedule preventive maintenance to improve your indoor air quality with Bruno Air. Having your air conditioner or heat pump serviced in the quarterly will ensure that your system in performing to its optimum capacity.

Duct cleaning is also an important cleaning service that can improve indoor air. As you dust off your light fixtures and bookshelves, consider how dust can build up in your air ducts. When was the last time they had a good cleaning? Call Bruno Air Conditioning to schedule a professional cleaning to thoroughly remove dust and other debris from the system. It’s also helpful to have leaks diagnosed and sealed to keep insects, rodents and other contaminants out of your system.

Another factor that can aggravate your allergies is mold. Living in sunny Florida makes us accustomed to more than sandy toes and tan skin, it also introduces us to high humidity. Control the humidity and moisture in your home to avoid mold with a dehumidifier.

Allowing mold to develop unchecked can lead to structural and decor damage in addition to affecting personal health. Air conditioners can keep humidity in control during heavy use, but mild climates may require supplemental dehumidification solutions. An air purifier can provide higher MERV ratings while working appropriately with your central heating and air conditioning equipment. Germicidal units are especially beneficial because they include trap and kill technology for removing and destroying particulates circulating in your home. They also work to cleanse air more frequently than your central HVAC system.

If your allergies have been acting up and you can’t remember the last time your system was serviced and your indoor air quality tested, contact our professional experts at Bruno Air! We service all of Florida, including Tampa, Orlando, Kissimmee, Sarasota, Naples, Marco Island, and more!