A surge is a high-amplitude, short-duration electrical fluctuation that can cause harm to electrical, electromechanical, and electronic equipment. Surges are caused by lightning, utility events, and internal events:

Lightning is the most obvious and most sensational type of surge. Florida is the lightning capital of the world and you need as much protection as possible. Lightning can travel up to 1/2 mile from where it strikes. Nothing can prevent a direct strike. Utility events consist of crossover of phases, capacitor switching, grid shifting, inductive loads, and open neutrals.

Internal events in the home, however, are the most likely source of a surge. A General Electric (GE) and National Power Labs (NPL) study shows that 65 percent to 80 percent of transient surges are caused internally from:

– Pumps (well or pool)
– A/C condenser motors
– Refrigeration motors
– Dishwasher motors
– Washer/dryer motors.

These events can result in the three D’s of surge problems: degradation (of equipment components), destruction, and downtime.

HVAC Surge protectors provide protection against:

– Incoming surge
– Bounce surges from inrush current
– Outdoor moisture conduction from local lightning

A surge protector works by shunting the voltage surge to ground. A good ground is imperative. The National Electrical Code (NEC) maximum resistance at ground is 25 ohms.

The homeowner benefits from surge protection because it provides inexpensive insurance for a central air conditioning system. After the home and car, air conditioning systems are the most costly item to repair or replace. Homeowners carry insurance on their home and car. What about for their central air system?

By getting this protection, the homeowner will get professional installation and reliable operation. Most homeowners already have surge protection for their personal computers. With the proven instability of the national electrical grid, the addition of surge protection for an HVAC system is a logical, low-cost solution for the customer that helps keep their equipment up and running, and also benefits the contractor. Contact Bruno Air to ask about our free Surge Protector with purchase of $199 Maintenance Contract.