Indoor air quality is a concern for many homeowners. Whether you have health problems that call for careful attention to the air you breathe or you simply prefer a healthy and organic way of life for your home, Bruno Air is here to offer solutions. We recommend every home starts with a dependable and environmentally friendly AC or HVAC system. However, there are a few additions you can make alongside these systems to improve the air quality within your home, including house plants!

Why Should I Include House Plants in My Home?

Plants are natural air filters. They’re an excellent second line of defense because they can absorb the gasses your air filter or air purifier cannot. Remember those early science classes that taught us how plants absorb carbon dioxide and exchange it with oxygen? Consider this concept, but expand upon it. Below is a list of plants that remove several different gasses that could invade your home:

Azalea: an attractive plant excellent at combating formaldehyde, which comes from construction materials such as foam insulation or plywood
Gerber Daisy: removes trichloroethylene (a byproduct of dry cleaning), filters the chemical benzene (from tobacco smoke), gasoline, and industrial products such as ink
Spider Plant: a low maintenance and hardy plant that filters benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene
English Ivy: removes chemicals released by synthetics and common household pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene
Chrysanthemum: filters benzene
Boston Fern: provides your home a natural humidification while removing pollutants
Areca Palm: humidifies the home while removing formaldehyde and xylene
Aloe Vera: Not only does aloe serve as a natural air cleaner, it produces a healing gel often used to treat burns
Snake Plant: an amazing formaldehyde filter, this plant loves humid conditions like Florida
Golden Pothos: excellent at ridding your home of formaldehyde, it’s perfect for your garage or rooms that may be exposed to car exhaust
Red-Edged Dracaena: removes trichloroethylene (an industrial solvent), as well as formaldehyde and xylene
Peace Lily: battles potentially carcinogenic pollutants in the home while absorbing excess carbon dioxide
Chinese Evergreen: this plant filters and removes benzene and formaldehyde

Is Your AC or HVAC System In Need of An Upgrade?

Plants aren’t a cure-all to improving indoor air quality. If your air conditioning or HVAC system isn’t working properly, you may be allowing pollutants to circulate in your home that could affect your health and that of your family. Contact one of our customer service representatives at 239-908-4704 to set up an appointment with an experienced HVAC technician to inspect your system or provide you options on a newer, greener alternative.