How can you improve productivity in the work place? Make sure your employees are kept cool! Efficient air conditioning is vital in Florida work spaces for safety reasons as well as customer satisfaction, productivity, and protection. Before the convenience modern air conditioning, production would stop in the summer simply because the heat was too much to handle. The same goes for today but, thankfully, air conditioning is more or less nationwide.

Air conditioning is linked intrinsically to our well being. Every year, the summers get hotter and we’re more at risk for heat-related health complications. The heat even affects our business and ultimately our business. In 2008, a study led by Northwestern’s Benjamin Jones found that poorer countries experience a plunge in economic output during hotter-than-average years. It went on to conclude that the sudden drop is not just due to drought and crop’s subsequent demise, but industrial output declines as well and political unrest becomes more likely.

Cooler employees are working harder and better due to a comfortable environment. There is nothing worse than feeling physically uncomfortable at work. Ensure that your employees are focused on the tasks at hand and not on how hot they are! Heat can not only make your employees uncomfortable but it can make them sluggish, tired, and lower their mood as well as their productivity. How is that for business?

You want to make sure that your employees also remain professional with appropriate attire. A suit and tie is going to feel much worse in sweltering heat. Your employees should feel comfortable in the office while wearing professional attire.

An efficient commercial air conditioning unit is also important to your technology, particularly IT technology that is heat sensitive. A controlled office setting is the best way to guarantee you don’t spend an unnecessary costs on technological repairs or loose systems due to excessive, humid temperatures.

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