What is the future for air conditioning, you ask? Well it may be cooler than you thought! An Israeli startup has introduced Sensibo. Sensibo is a device that can be used on any air conditioner through a remote control feature and may be able to save its users a whopping 40% of their air conditioning electricity costs. The smart air conditioner, if successful, will connect to the internet and even be able to recognize the surrounding environment. Through this, your air conditioner will adjust to your provided settings, turning on when it needs to, turning off, etc. The Sensibo will control itself and eliminate unnecessary waste.

“We saw a huge opportunity to bring smart technology to the majority of the world’s A/C systems, filling a critical gap in the market without asking users to go out and buy a whole new air conditioner,” said CEO and co-founder, Omer Enbar.

The Sensibo company is using a crowdfunding website to raise the money they need to finance production. If the company raises the money, Sensibo will be able to ship its first products by early 2015 for $159 for the first air conditioned and $79 for each additional one. Sensibo will be available via app as well for smart phones, tablets, and computers. The remote control is easy to use and works for almost any air conditioner unit, you need only to attach the device and personalize it to your features. Sensibo includes sensors for temperature, humidity, light, and movement to catalog and adapt to the environment.

Could Sensibo be the beginning of a wave of smart air conditioning units?