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Chief Executive Officer


Our organization is only as strong as our people and because of this, we only hire individuals who are willing to embrace challenges and actually look forward to them. Our team members come from all different walks of life. Are you tenacious enough to become a core contributor?

Director of Customer Experience

Jedi Delgado

Bruno is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, and that means a great experience. Jedi is in charge of making sure each and every customer is happy. Her role extends into our public relation and even philanthropy events!

Director of Sales Force

Nick Coraci

Every business needs strong salesman. Nick started as a technician and found himself making phenomenal gains for the company. Recognition of his talent led to his new role; leading the other technicians to equal success.

Chief of Operations

John Kerekes

A Navy veteran and previously a program manager at Hertz. John brings industry experience to the executive table. His role is to advise execution and strategy behind revenue generation.

Chief Financial Officer

Andy Bravo

Money in, money out. There’s quite a lot to track when your company makes it big time. Andy looks for opportunities to minimize unnecessary expenses. He plays a key role in making sure every transaction is accounted for.

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