Florida is famed for a variety of things ranging from Disney World to our beaches to our lively atmosphere in places such as Key West and Miami. Our beautiful Sunshine State is also infamous for some aspects of our weather. While we’re blessed with nearly year-long summer weather, it comes as a price and its name is High Humidity.

Humidity makes these summer days even hotter. High humidity levels can prove to be more of an issue than you or your home may realize. There’s actually something called an ideal relative humidity (RH) level for everything on Earth. Humans have an RH level between 30 and 50% that is best for our health. Pollutants such as fungi, mildew and bacteria, need high RH levels to breed and grow. This makes Florida a desired breeding ground for various bacteria that can be harmful to your health.

If your home is feeling warmer than usual, more humid, it can be a sign that there is a build-up of harmful bacteria that’s spreading around your house. Fungi in particular can be particularly dangerous. They are mostly invisible to the naked eye up until they grow into colonies. By then, the fungus may already be spreading and covering a large portion of that area in your home. Fungi can create a serious health problem for your family and even pet. Those suffering from allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues are particularly at risk.

Fungus can grow in all kind of types of areas, including organic matter such as wood, moist surfaces, and any other natural products.

Signs of mold infestations may include:

• Musty smells
• Condensation on windows
• Stuffy or clammy environments
• Allergic reactions or asthma attacks
• Damage to structural materials
• Rotting wood

Call Bruno Air Conditioning today if you think you may have a humidity issue. Our experienced technicians can efficiently find the source of your problem and take the proper steps to eradicate.