Fall is here! Well, a Florida fall! The days are getting a little cooler and it’s been a blessing after a hot and wet summer! Thank your air conditioner this November with a day at the HVAC spa. There are various things you can do to pamper your air conditioner. Give your air conditioner a break and open up those windows and doors (if your have a screen! You still want to keep those creepy crawlies out!) Your air conditioner has worked hard, why not reward it with some preventative maintenance.

A Clean Air Conditioner is a Happy One

Air filters can block airflow and reduce your system’s efficiency by 5% or more! Preventative maintenance and a nice cleaning can reduce the buildup and keep your air conditioner running like new. Change your air filters after our long summer and maintain a healthy air flow. Make sure your outdoor units are protected from debris and foliage.

Treat Your HVAC to Aeroseal

Bruno Air Conditioning is pleased to offer Aeroseal, an innovative new technology that seals your air ducts from the inside. Aeroseal Duct Sealing is a simple six step process that can fill holes and cracks within your air duct. Air duct leaks also pose health concerns. A leak contributes to poor indoor air quality by allowing dust and other harmful particles inside your home. According to the EPA, most people spend roughly 90% of their lives indoors. This makes indoor air pollution one of the five most urgent environmental problems facing the United States.

Maintain Temperatures

Aeroseal will help you maintain a cool temperature indoors but you can help it along the way by keeping your temperatures consistent. With cooler air outside, consider giving your air conditioner a much deserved break. Keeping a consistent temperature day and night can also create a comfortable environment as well as improve the lifespan of your system.