When it comes to saving money on our energy bill with our air conditioning or HVAC system, our first thoughts often go toward the unit. However, that’s not the only factor that goes into energy expenditure. We’ve covered different areas of insulation and everyday adjustments we can make to save in previous blogs, but another element in your AC system to thoroughly consider is your thermostat. There are countless new options today with programmable features that can help you reduce the energy your system uses while maintaining a comfortable temperature at home.

If You Have a Dial Thermostat, You’re Way Behind

As simple as a dial thermostat can be, they’re both outdated and imprecise. Frequent calibration is needed to ensure accuracy and adjusting the dial is easy. Perhaps too easy. Children can change settings on accident, while teens may intentionally change settings without your awareness, only to leave you wondering why the energy bill has skyrocketed.

Be Smart About Your Upgrade

Consumers often have the misconception that all digital thermostats are programmable. While programmable thermostats are generally digital in nature, there are some non-programmable units that are digital as well. It’s wise to read packaging to make sure the unit carries the features you want. Some thermostats provide pretty extensive programming options, including daily, weekend and even by-the-hour settings to choose from. Seek a device that’s intuitive or within your comfort level.

Remote Access

There are many designs on the market, many of which focus on energy saving technology and features. These days, you’ll find they’re geared to use touchscreen interaction much like that used for smartphones and tablet computers. Reports can even be generated to pinpoint energy usage trends that can show you where you can alter your habits to improve savings.

Choosing the Right Programmable Thermostat for Your Home

Contacting your local AC or HVAC technician, such as Bruno Air, is the best way to decide which programmable thermostat will suit your needs and your air conditioning system. Call us at 239.908.4704 to discuss the best options, including the ease of use, design, and other useful features. We serve as the HVAC and AC experts for all of Florida, including Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, and more!