upgradeIs it time to upgrade?

Temperatures can hit excruciating numbers in Florida, which makes it extremely important for a reliable air conditioning unit. If your unit is over 12 years old it may be time to think about an upgrade. Bruno Air carries the most trusted, and up-to-date HVAC systems in the industry. Including the Louis Bruno Signature Series, which caters specifically to Florida’s natural environment.

An air conditioner unit is one of the biggest investments you will make for your home, and with Summer right around the corner, and Florida already feeling the temperatures rise,  it’s wise to think ahead when it comes to installing a new unit. AC units come in several sizes – purchasing the incorrect unit size is a common mistake most homeowners make. In addition to the unit size, other things to consider include your home layout, home square footage, and unit location.

Ductwork is also a major player when it comes to a new air conditioner unit. To start your new system with the cleanest air possible, your ducts will most likely need to be cleaned. It’s better to ensure that the unit, the air quality, and your duct system is in peak condition. Bruno offers Aeroseal Duct Cleaning. This technology seals duct leaks by injecting a fog of aerosolized sealant particles into a pressurized duct system. Using our tools, our technicians can accurately gather reports on the building’s duct leakage and airflows. Why wait? Aeroseal is guaranteed to last for 10 years!

Is it time for your system to be upgraded or replaced? Give us a call today at 844-TRYBRUNO for your free estimate, and we can figure out the best option for you and your family. Bruno is committed to thorough and excellent service, and providing the most trusted brands in the business at an affordable price.