Some may believe that ceiling fans are an outdated invention that was replaced by air conditioning and HVAC systems a long time ago. However, despite all of our technological advancements, the truth is that ceiling fans still play a relevant and beneficial role in the comfort of our home. In fact, coupling ceiling fans with AC can serve as an energy saving partner that can help you extend the life of your AC unit.

What Makes You Feel Cool

The best way to understand the benefit of coupling your ceiling fan with your AC unit is by knowing how your body works. The human body exudes heat, which in turn warms the air around you. This envelope of warmth can cause you to feel uncomfortable if the humidity and temperature within your home are high as well.

It’s in our nature to adapt, and that’s exactly what your body will try to do. Believe it or not, humans have a built-in cooling system that kicks in when your body starts to overheat. It’s called sweating. When your body releases sweat, the heat will cause that moisture to evaporate from your skin, which lowers your body temperature.

Pretty “cool,” right?

However, there’s something else that must take place to keep that temperature down. The warm air exuded from your body likes to linger, almost like a halo or a blanket. To remain cool, the hot air must be pushed away.

So how do we do that? Ceiling fans certainly help. Pairing them with your AC unit is even better!

Fans + AC Units = Ahhh!

Using a fan in collaboration with your AC unit not only helps cool you down better, but it also saves you substantial money on your energy bill. The typical ceiling fan uses about 3 percent of the energy that a standard air conditioning or HVAC system does.

Yet these ingenious inventions are good at their job. The fan blades push that envelope of warm air away from your body, helping you feel cooler as long as you are within the range of the air circulation. It also helps your AC unit cool down the house.

If you have your ceiling fan running, you can raise your thermostat by 6 to 8 degrees and still maintain your preferred temperature. This little tweak can result in up to 5% savings on your energy bill!

That’s not the only benefit of this dynamic duo, either. Combining the use of ceiling fans with your AC unit can increase the lifespan of your central air conditioning system and reduce the amount of maintenance or repairs needed. How? Because your system no longer has to work as hard!

Expand Your Knowledge

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