Spring is officially here, which means the summer heat & humidity is right around the corner! Temperatures are going to rise and you want to be sure your air conditioner is in its best condition. Maintaining your air conditioning unit is key for avoiding high energy bills and an indefinite breakdown. Did you know that an unmaintained air conditioning unit’s lifespan is 8 years? A poorly functioning air conditioning unit can lead to significant damage to your home, as well as your health.

Bruno Air performs a thorough 56-point maintenance tune up. After spending an hour and a half evaluating your system, our NATE certified technician will address any potential problems, explain our findings, and give our recommendation. Bruno Air is committed to fixing any machine that is cost-effective to repair, and we only recommend a replacement when there is no other economical option. Touchpoints for this inspection include attic insulation inspection, calibration of thermostat, removal of debris in condenser unit, the addition of refrigerant, and evaluation of the overall efficiency.

Why Have an Air Conditioning Unit Tune-Up?

Receiving a semi-annual tune up is the only way to determine any issue before your unit actually breaks. Without proper care, your home can accumulate up to 40lbs of dirt and debris annually and result in poor air quality. Your air conditioning’s filter should be changed at a minimum of every three months. It’s recommended to change this even more frequently if pets are present, or if anyone smokes within the home.

With our skilled technicians and excellent customer service, you can rely on Bruno Air for all your HVAC needs. Stay cool and contact us today to schedule your appointment!