It may be December but Spring Cleaning has come early! Treat your HVAC to a “Spring Cleaning” before the holidays. There may be some nice breezes now (and we sure are loving them!) but before the weeks up Florida will be climbing back up towards the upper 70s and creeping towards the 80s. While you’re enjoying this winter breeze, why not turn off your air conditioner and take part (or call Bruno Air) for some seasonal maintenance! Get a head start on your Spring Cleaning!

1. Regularly check your air conditioner, even if it’s just a quick walk around. If you have an outdoor unit, make sure that your unit isn’t covered with any debris, dirt, or other obstructions.

2. Check and replace your air filters every month. While you’re looking at your filters, check the type and possibly consider a greener, more efficient type. There are many filters to choose from! HEPA filters, for example, can last up to six months and can be cleaned with a dvacuum nozzle.

3. Check your system for a drainage hole. Most air conditioners have them beneath the evaporator fins. Once identified, be sure it’s clean and clear. This will ensure your air conditioner is running efficiently.

4. Even if your home doesn’t feel any different, check your home’s windows and doors for cracks or holes. Caulking these can dramatically improve your home’s comfort and your air conditioners life span.

5. While you’re checking your home’s windows and doors, don’t forget those spaces you can’t reach. Air ducts are where you may have some leakage. Call Bruno Air today to inspect your home’s ducts. With Aeroseal, an innovative technology, you can seal cracks and holes within your ducts easily and effectively. Get it done right the first time!

Bruno Air Conditioning wants you to enjoy your holiday season instead of having to sweat the AC stuff. If you find yourself going, “It’s hot in here” a little too frequently, it may be time to give us a call! Live a Cool life!