We take our air conditioning for granted in Florida. Reliable AC is a privilege but during sweltering summer months, it is also a necessity. Air conditioning is changing as days become hotter and income rises. More money means more comfort; for many resident’s this equates to air conditioned homes. Bruno Air Conditioning helps Florida stay cool but how does the rest of the world stay cool?

In the United States, two-thirds of homes have air conditioning. The two most common designs are room air conditioners and central air conditioning units. Air conditioners use about 5% of all the electricity produced in the United States, at an annual cost of more than $11 billion to homeowners. Innovations in air conditioning technology is helping us build more environmentally friendly and energy efficient units for residential and commercial properties.

The United Kingdom is more accustomed to radiators than air conditioners. In fact, a Mintel report found that only 0.5% of houses and flats in the UK had any sort of air conditioning. As a Floridian, it’s a difficult concept to wrap your head around!

While homes in the UK may resort to windows, offices are well-versed in the importance of air conditioning. A Nasa study, cited by Mintel, suggested that productivity falls by 3.6% for every degree over 22 Celsius, or 72 Fahrenheit. That’s certainly a call to action for the importance of AC!

Our friend’s down under, however, are no strangers to hot days! Australia’s percentages have nearly doubled in a decade with over 70% of residents having an AC unit. Australians, however, are still conscientious of their energy use, resorting to only using their unit on particularly stagnant days.

Mexico has much smaller than its heated counterparts. A study at University of California, Berkeley and the National Bureau of Economic Research found that air conditioning penetration in Mexico is only at about 13% but it is expected to rise. “In warm areas…we find a close relationship between household income and air conditioner adoption, with ownership increasing 2.7 percentage points per $1,000 of annual household income,” write Lucas Davis and his colleague Paul Gertler, both based at U.C. Berkeley.

As jobs are created and the economy experiences a boost, investments in air conditioners are expected to rise. This goes farther than Mexico too. China has also experienced incredible growth in AC sales. Sales have nearly doubled; in fact, 64 million air conditioners were sold in 2013.

Simply put, people want to be comfortable. If the opportunity arises, it’s going to be seized. We’re so lucky to be able to come home to a cool, consistent space. Bruno Air Conditioning is proud to provide cool comfort to Florida. It’s a privilege to offer efficient services and keep you comfortable. Contact us for any air conditioning concerns or questions.