Top AC company Bruno Air featured on cnbc with a strong focus on AC repair, and air conditioning replacement


Bruno Air Conditioning has built their business from the ground up. From a savings of $40,000, Louis Bruno built one of Florida’s most lucrative businesses. Bruno Air Conditioning was recently featured on CNBC’s show “Blue Collar Millionaire” to discuss how hard work and a supreme focus on customer service helped achieve AC gold.

When Bruno realized they couldn’t afford to hire experienced technicians, he instead focused on hiring people with backgrounds in Hospitality and the like. “These types of people would have the customer service skills that have been practiced for years that we could translate into success.We’ve go to go the extra mile to set ourselves apart.” With training, on-site experience, and hard work, this became one of Louis Bruno’s best idea yet. You can always train someone to do the technical work, but what this team had in spades was excellent customer service. The customer service and reliable work kept the customer’s coming.

Bruno Air Conditioning is dedicated to keeping Florida cool with reliable, consistent HVAC service. Louis Bruno has even extended his care and created the Louis Bruno Signature Series, a Florida exclusive that was built with our unique environment in mind. Great customer service, 24/7 service, and incredible growth is keeping this Florida giant busy. “Blue Collar Millionaire” features humble beginnings and hard work that’s paying off. Louis Bruno started Bruno Air Conditioning and now it’s the “Mother of Millions” and not ready to quit yet! With a focus in customer service, Louis Bruno and the team are soaring to success! Watch a CNBC preview here.


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