Radiant heat has a major presence here in Florida. Being so far south, we are closer to the sun and the tremendous amount of energy it produces. Of course, only a very small portion of that energy reaches us here on earth, and an even smaller fraction actually touches our house.

Yet that smidgeon of energy is enough to heat up your entire home! Radiant heat seeps through your roof, windows and walls to make your living spaces pretty toasty, forcing your air conditioning or HVAC unit to work even harder to keep you comfortable and cool.

The sun isn’t the only source for radiant heat either, though it is the primary. Nearby machinery, asphalt, other pavement, and the use of indoor appliances can all generate energy that will push your thermometer ever higher.

How to Reduce Radiant Heat Exposure

You may not be able to turn off the sun, but you can make several home improvements or changes in your lifestyle to reduce your exposure. By doing so, you can save your AC unit’s workload, and save money on your energy bill! Here are a few investments that can really make a difference:

  • Plant fast growing, shady trees on the west and south sides of your home.
  • Install awnings over windows.
  • Glaze your windows so less sunlight can shine through.
  • Keep your blinds, shades or curtains closed over your windows during the day.
  • Use heat reflective fabrics over your treated windows.
  • Upgrade to heat reflective roofing.
  • Add a radiating heat barrier to your attic.
  • Reduce the use of heat generating appliances during peak daytime hours.
  • Plant shrubs between your home and driveway. This will lower the heat radiation from your driveway.

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